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If you:

  • Have a foreign bank card and want to withdraw currency from it confidentially.
  • Work for a foreign company and receive payments to an international card.
  • Work abroad and receive a salary on a card of a foreign bank.
  • Arrived to study in Ukraine.
  • Worry about the safety of funds when transporting them across the border.

Continue to use a card of a foreign bank in Ukraine.


 Withdrawing currency from cards of foreign banks is simple and profitable:

  • Absolute confidentiality without the need to provide documents;
  • The minimum fee for withdrawing money is only 3% of the amount;
  • The ability to instantly receive dollars or euros without loss on conversion and currency exchange;
  • Withdrawal of currency in the equivalent of up to UAH 100,000 per day from the card without providing a passport and TIN;
  • Convenient location of branches with free parking area for customers;
  • Saving time - withdrawing currency at the cash desk of the branch without a queue.


 You can withdraw currency at the following bank branches:

Branch City Branch address What we withdraw Phone
№15 Dnipro 4/26 Sholem Aleichem st., Dnipro, CDC "Menorah", 1st floor USD, EURO (066) 340-42-98
11 Bryhadna Street, Dnipro
USD, EURO (050) 363-45-03
№5 31 D Slobozhanskyi av., Dnipro, Shopping center "Nasha Pravda", 1st floor USD, EURO (050) 345-03-24
2 Troitska square, Dnipro
USD, EURO by prior arrangement (050) 345-00-42, (097) 598-15-54
№8 Zaporizhzhia
176 Sobornyi av., Zaporizhzhia
USD, EURO by prior arrangement (068) 293-93-54
№100 Kyiv
17а Yaroslaviv Val Street, Kyiv
USD, EURO (044) 500-80-60
№103 12А Volodymyrska Street, Kyiv temporarily not issued  
4 Mykoly Hrynchenka Street, Kyiv
USD, EURO (068) 808-53-27
№4 Kryvyi Rih
2А Lermontova Street, Kryvyi Rih
USD, EURO by prior arrangement (050) 409-42-27
№9 Lviv
7 Lesi Ukrainky Street, Lviv
USD, EURO (050) 409-41-30
№12 Novomoskovsk
7 Suchkova Street, Novomoskovsk
USD, EURO by prior arrangement (050) 409-41-65
№1 Odesa
9/11 Kolontaivska Street, Odesa
USD, EURO (050) 409-40-37
№11 Kharkiv
25 Pushkinska Street, Kharkiv
temporarily out of service (050) 345-02-89